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Jennifer Ellen Frank is a Manhatten, New York Based Feng Shui interior design consultant with more than 24 years experience in interior design, home styling, textile design, and spiritul practices. She combines classic Feng Shui and modern interior design tecniques to



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Oct. 7, 2007
Two of the three situations profiled in the TLC show last night, Please Buy My House, had to do with families who had purchased new homes without selling their existing homes. The desperation portrayed was painful, but what blew my mind is that one of the success stories involved a woman who got an offer one day after having her home totally gone over by a feng shui expert, Ms. Frank.
Yes, this show adjusts real estate reality in a new direction...

"Thanks so much.  I'm so impressed by what you've suggested.  I feel totally comfortable handing things over to you. I'm extremely happy. It feels like a different house - so much warmer.' 
SV, Sales, Bronxville , NY  

'I went over your notes when you left and it all 'clicked'. It's so amazing, you're amazing. thank you. Love the bedroom set up! Didn't think the den could look so good."
M Binson, artist, Amagansett , NY

'You are the rarest of breeds: an expert who not only is master in your design, & your feng shui knowledge but you understand how to work masterfully. No one can afford to be without your service. I'm ever so grateful I know you. Your service is worth ten times more than the price- for what is happening in my home and life. I mean I have a real home! Real furniture!"
D, Magazine Administrator, New York, New York

"Oh my gosh! It's wonderful. You are such a sweetheart. You did such a great job. My new red foyer is dreamy and it makes everything that touches it golden. Your insight was perfect. You have rocked my world."
Erica, Crafts Editor, New York

"I can't say enough. Threw a big dinner party, everyone was floored on the changes and the beauty of my home. It's so warm and inviting. You are my hero."
MD, actor, Connecticut

"I just want to reiterate what a genius you are - furniture set up done today in the bedroom and living room - and the bedroom looks amazing the way you set it up – my husband had the movers put the bed facing the way you said and it looks beyond fantastic!  and we may even get to keep the king sized bed!!! Living room is dreamy!!"
CA, Producer, NY

It's been a long time.  I hope all is well with you.  I'm loving all the changes you've made to my apartment, I just wanted to take the time to tell you. Many thanks.
DR, Sales, Westchester

My well known father-in-law cannot believe how big and prosperous my new business is in just a few months of starting. Thank you for the incredible office space design and feng shui. I never dreamed I could be this super successful!!!! and have everything so beautiful! My office is awesome. My partners are in heaven for hooking us up!  
MS, Design Firm, NY

You have excellent taste! You give such personalized service to client's vision and plans, work within our budget and my husband adores our new apartment!  Next- his office.....

"I am so delighted with all the beauty of my living room, to have the ability to move furniture all around and have a totally new look.  My friends are so impressed. I have been asked so much, is this new or is that new-what a new outlook. The desk shelving looks so smart.  Thank you so for adding beauty to my home." 
Jean, NJ

I was floored. The room looks so inviting, one of the many things I lacked, and I didn't have to buy a thing. As a matter of fact, I can get rid of quite a bit now. I was so pleased how it came out.  My daughter spent more time in there after you left than ever before. My living room looks simply elegant. I love it. P.S. My husband loved it too!"  
Lynn, NJ

"Wow, I just love it! My words cannot express to you just how much I love my living room redo. It's perfect. You took my room that was very dated in style and color and managed to make the room look like a room in a current issue of Home and Garden magazine. I didn't use the room before; now the room has a soul, it has personality.  You captured everything I wanted and I didn't even know what I wanted. I have my own personal space in the room where you put my writing desk. I thank you so much for working for me and understanding what I want. My husband says it looks smart (for an engineer that's a lot). THANK YOU." NN, NJ

"Well what can I say but now the whole family loves sitting in the den now. They are so blown away and we have family night with enough room to sit and be with each other. Hats off to you."

"I went way over budget on my construction and ended up with a bigger apartment but it turned out bland and beige. I can't thank you enough for bringing color and life into my space with warmth in the pieces you chose, color on walls and meeting my modern taste with some whimsy. Kudos to you! "
Jill, NYC

"The cabinetry, the colors, the furnishings- utterly amazing!! You gave me more than I desired, you listened to me, you didn't let you get in the way of what we wanted created in our home. You are the best! Thank you!!!  Come do my business. "

"You rock my world! I went from a gold (baby poop) color foyer to dreamy blue.  What a difference when I come home everyday.  I have so many dance performances in different cities and offers coming up.  I don't have the same boyfriend, but a brand new love! Wow, could things have changed any faster.  How will I ever thank you enough?"
MB, Dancer, NYC

"I feel MUCH better sleeping in the corner of the room. I know now I'll cope with recuperating from my stroke. The colors, the bed you picked out; beyond what I thought could get created. Thanks again for your consultation and care, your thoroughness, your listening, your ideas.  Finally, someone to make my house look pretty and functionable in this confined space.  It was a lot of fun and very inspiring.  You're like a creative mad scientist! just the best!"
CB, Health Practitioner, NYC

"Many thanks-looks great! We trust your judgment completely & boy- you are good! Went from whites and blues to color everywhere, gorgeous furniture, exquisite custom cherry bookshelves, rugs, a foyer done with decorative finish walls. And my office with that color; can't say enough of how very happy we are and to think my husband found you on the internet because he couldn't sleep one night.  How great is that? We were away all summer and we came back and presto- a different apartment; better than I could have dreamed of-hassle free. You just got it done. My husband's busy cooking up more projects."

"Holy moley! We are really happy with our new digs, all thanks to you.  Friendship is the greatest gift, and you have done something very noble for us. Pat yourself on the back...The place is gorgeous."
AS/SS, Sales & Architect, NYC

"COLOR, color, color and to think I was so crazy about changing my white, beige color scheme. I never would have thought of it. I had a great time  working with you. I felt so completely motivated, I ran out the door after you left to go look at some of the places you suggested. You were so generous with your knowledge, patience and time with me. I am so grateful I found you! You are coming over for one of my great wine & cheese parties. (Don't worry I'll have juice for you)"
WJ, financial writer, NYC

"Jennifer has a personal, friendly style that makes you want to open up and tell your life story.  I was in a major rut and with her friendly-girlfriend advice, and fantastic feng shui and design suggestions things picked up immediately. My phone couldn’t stop ringing with interviews and I got a new boyfriend, a month later. I didn’t have to spend tons of money buying things and she worked with what I had. Her ideas were so innovative. I thought her color suggestions were just so much fun. She’s accessible and is even available if I need a quick “cure” to set things in a new direction. I can’t just do the “recommend her to a friend”, I have to DEMAND that they use her or else!!"
MR, Writer, Brooklyn

"Thank you! I appreciate your input, but more particularly, your candor."
CC, Los Angeles

Jennifer brings organic balance to the rooms and the home at large, balance in the sense that the family feels supported and more at ease within their environment through elements of the choices of color, shapes and material choices of furniture.  Her strength is to take what the client already has in his or her home and listens to the clients already intuitive known needs and desire.  She is great with details, she has an amazing intuitive sense, she guides the client to a fresh new look and outlook that supports their future. She has extended knowledge in textile design, color coordination, design of home products that suits and supports the individual client.  She welcomes the client to work with color and that brings out the intellectual, emotional and spiritual life of the client-- so he or she will feel at home.

In an office space you are able to go and integrate also the different personalities that might need to be considered within a business--By choosing to work with the knowledge of the elements and intelligence of the law within nature.  She can also bring that out in the client. The space is given a therapeutic make over, enhancing the practical use of the space as well as the mental and spiritual needs of the client.
Jennifer's strength is identifying the beauty and bringing out the beauty of the clients personality and individuality through the environment.  Through exquisite recognition of detail, she works with and brings on board woodworker/millworkers and contractors who understand the vision.  She also enhances the clients' way of experiencing themselves anew, we are made of substances of the earth, we need to breath to be alive within our senses, within our mental capacity within our emotional well-being and within our spiritual awareness.  Her long standing practice of Japanese and Chinese principles enhance the interior design of the Western World.  She understands what we need in the case of living within a more crowded environment.  The senses are stimulated and the balance of rest and activity needs to be support the client with the choices of color, movement and how the client moves and experience themselves within their environment.

I think the rooms you design give us more then just peace and satisfaction; the work you do supports the activity needed to be done in the space.  It supports action as well as rest.  It supports conversation.  It allows for surprise simply because what you might pick might be the next evolution of the clients need so you help support that which the client is looking to achieve and has already set in motion.  Jennifer is supported the knowledge and perception for details and excellent craftsmanship and your contact to get it done.
!, Movement & Speech Therapist, NYC


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