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Jennifer Ellen Frank is a Manhatten, New York Based Feng Shui interior design consultant with more than 24 years experience in interior design, home styling, textile design, and spiritul practices. She combines classic Feng Shui and modern interior design tecniques to



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Client List

Below is a partial list of Jennifer Ellen Frank clients. Click here for the full online portfolio.

  • Emmy Award Winner Executive Producer - NBC Sitcom
  • Tony Award Winner Choreographer & Producers
  • Brian Stack- (Writer Conan Obrien Show) & Miriam Tolan (Upright Citizens Brigade)
  • Barclay Capital
  • BroadviewNet
  • The Biltmore Room Restaurant in Chelsea
  • Little X (50cent videographer)
  • Soy Luck Club
  • Bronx BarBQ
  • The Pratt Center
  • Keir Dullea
  • Tony Award Winner Mia Dillon
  • Bath & Body Works  
  • Kacy Duke-fitness guru to the stars
  • The homes of staff members of SNL & VH1 Network *
  • Many A list film celebrities *
  • Nascar driver *
 *Names kept confidential to protect privacy.


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